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This article is a bit old and the content may be outdated, so please refer to it with caution and remember to check the latest official materials (such as documentation, etc.)

Briefly explain that why this blog is called "AC Dustbin", and show the architecture of the blog.

Why "AC Dustbin"? #

"AC" is short for "Allan Chain", my GitHub ID. It is not unique, but it's short 😄

"dustbin" == "dust" + "bin" Every blog post, or thought, is just like a piece of dust, which is not a big deal to the whole world. But I try to keep all the dust organized in a bin, and maybe It will be helpful to someone.

What? Why "Allan Chain"? That's a long story but I am keeping it short here.

Well, "Allan" is the English name I chose many years ago. This is a completely valid name while different from the common "Alan". However, "Chain" is an invented last name. It's pronounced like my family name. Besides, you will get the name of my homeland by reordering these five letters.

Why Issues? #

I have already discussed this in vue-iblog#why-use-github-issues. Besides, People will see my post if I mention other issues. (Seemless ads! 😜)

Licence #

The code base is licensed under MIT license, while the blog posts are licensed under Creative Commons BY-NC-SA. Of course, if special statements are made, the special statements prevail.

Web Page Service #

This blog uses GitHub pages to serve the contents, and the only third-party service (for now) is MicroAnalytics.

There is no RSS feed for now. You can watch the repo to receive notifications. However, if you want only to subscribe to posts, you can use third-party services like RSSHub (e.g. https://rsshub.diy.now.sh/github/issue/allanchain/blog/open/%40post)

Friends Section #

Feel free to request adding your link to this section by commenting on issue #148.

Contribute Your Idea #

Your issue will never be rendered as a blog post. If you found a bug or have an idea about wonderful features, just send an issue and I will take a good look at it ❤️. Or you can use the Discussions!

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