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Automatically folding Python docstrings in Neovim

Python docstrings are extremely suitable to be folded, and folding docstrings makes Python code cleaner. This can be achieved in Neovim without plugin, just with built-in foldexpr and tree-sitter.

Header: markdown-custom-render

Three levels of Markdown custom rendering

There are many way to customize Markdown rendering, including direct RegExp replacements, remark + rehype, and direct rendering the Markdown AST. The last approach can turn plain Markdown documents to full components and is the most powerfull one.

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用力踩踏板的时候中轴处传来奇怪的异响? 恭喜你, 可能的原因有很多, 修起来也不见得顺利...

Header: android-ime

开源安卓输入法比较: 同文 vs 小企鹅

由于闭源的安卓输入法既不隐私也不安全, 所以我尝试把输入法换成开源替代. 目前安卓上的开源输入法主要有 Trime (安卓同文输入法) 和 fcitx5-android (小企鹅输入法) 两个. 本文对它们进行了比较, 分析了各自的优缺点, 最后推荐使用 fcitx5-android.

Comparing different ways for sans-serif math with LaTeX

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Sans-serif fonts are better for figures. Various of ways to typeset LaTeX math in sans-serif font are compared. Based on the results, sansmathfonts is recommended for use.

LyX 2.4.0 上的中文输入法问题

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聊一聊 LyX 2.4.0 上中文输入框不跟随光标移动的问题, 同时也记录一下向 LyX 开发者报告问题的过程和感想.

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