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Comparing different ways for sans-serif math with LaTeX

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Sans-serif fonts are better for figures. Various of ways to typeset LaTeX math in sans-serif font are compared. Based on the results, sansmathfonts is recommended for use.

Reverting changes in Overleaf

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Getting documents older than 24 hours back in Overleaf, discarding changes you just made, without upgrading your Overleaf plan.

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Why I'm using LyX

LyX is a great software you can use to replace those plain-text-based LaTeX editors. Here I will show you why I chose LyX.

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在 LyX 中定义和管理宏

虽然 LyX 是 WYSIWYM 的,但是还是有很多 LaTeX 命令是不能很好地显示和直观编辑的。在这篇文章中我会教你如何创建和管理 LyX 中的数学宏,并避免一些常见的坑。

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Define and manage math commands in LyX with macros

Some TeX commands are not supported in LyX WYSIWYM. This post teaches you how to create macros correctly, avoid common pitfalls, and manage the macros.

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作为物院一介“差生”,在本科若干年的学习过程中也积攒了不少文具。现将一些我觉得不错的但是被提及得较少的一些工具做一个分享,希望对后来者有所帮助。本部分包括一些和 LaTeX 和 PDF 相关的工具。