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Three levels of Markdown custom rendering

There are many way to customize Markdown rendering, including direct RegExp replacements, remark + rehype, and direct rendering the Markdown AST. The last approach can turn plain Markdown documents to full components and is the most powerfull one.

Reverting changes in Overleaf

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Getting documents older than 24 hours back in Overleaf, discarding changes you just made, without upgrading your Overleaf plan.

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House air quality monitoring with Raspberry Pi and SGP30

Connect SGP30 to your raspi and send data to InfluxDB and Grafana with Python. And then set up alerting in Grafana.

Header: influxdb-downsample

Downsampling with existing data with InfluxDB

Setting up continuous query and retention policy for downsampling with existing data in InfluxDB 1.x.

Header: iot-sensors-setup

Building IoT sensor dashboard with Grafana on Raspberry Pi

We are going to connect the DHT11 sensor to a Raspberry Pi and send the sensor data to InfluxDB, and build a beautiful dashboard with Grafana!

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JupyterLab beyond simple widgets: interactive Lorentzian fitting

JupyterLab can be interactive with IPython widgets. But we can also make the plot interactive and act like a GUI app!

Header: julia-nvim

Working with and formatting Julia in Neovim

It requires some effort to make Neovim work pleasantly with Julia, especially the formatting part. But it's possible with null-ls and precompiling.

Too many containers may cause random IPv6 loss on Raspi

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Raspi's IPv6 randomly disappears, but other devices are fine? Maybe you have spun up too many Docker containers!

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Linux 桌面环境 (Manjaro + KDE Plasma) 使用体验

多年 Windows 老用户转 Linux 系统 (Manjaro + KDE Plasma) 约一年,这里是我的使用感受。本文介绍将 Linux 相比于 Windows 作为主力系统,好在哪里又不方便在哪里。

Header: Nginx Proxy Manager, in light theme

Fixing Bad Gateway error in Nginx Proxy Manager

Solving the "Bad Gateway" / "Encountered error while trying to install package" / "Python.h: No such file or directory" error by using piwheels.

Playing sound with Qt in Python: Error decoding source

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The correct way for playing sound with PySide6 and fixing the "error decoding source".

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Another Move of My Blog?

It really needs a serious discussion.

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