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Playing sound with Qt in Python: Error decoding source

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The correct way for playing sound with PySide6 and fixing the "error decoding source".

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作为物院一介“差生”,在本科若干年的学习过程中也积攒了不少文具。现将一些我觉得不错的但是被提及得较少的一些工具做一个分享,希望对后来者有所帮助。本部分包括一些和 LaTeX 和 PDF 相关的工具。

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Physics Knowledge Sharing

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Sharing some of my physics notes/slides

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Another Move of My Blog?

It really needs a serious discussion.


听 PingCAP 黄东旭谈开源社区与文化

旁听《开源软件与技术》课程特邀讲座,甚至白拿了一个 TiDB 的周边小礼品(会的 USB 线)

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Keep Old-fashioned Taskbar on the Left on Windows 11


Windows 11 comes with awesome new features for developers as well as insane taskbar settings. Don't let the awful taskbar design stop you from upgrading!

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WSL Cheatsheet


WSL issues or tricks I had to search for again and again

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Docker Cheatsheet

Docker commands are easily forgotten

`skipWaiting()` with `StaleWhileRevalidate` the right way

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If the resource request takes too much time to complete, self.skipWaiting() may not work properly.

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