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我为什么要选 Flask?

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注意,这里不是说 Flask 有多好,而是。。用 Flask 用到怀疑人生!

Change Win10 CMD Fonts


It took me quite a lot time to try to solve this...

Note: this answer only works in non-English regions

WTFs in C

为了备战变态的计算概论考试, 不得已要研究一下 C 的奇奇怪怪的东西

TOC in Hugo

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Building a table of contents (TOC) in Hugo is challenging. Here I record my attempts to build my TOC correctly. It might be outdated.

C Review




测试一下 Markdown 渲染的效果 网页的 CSS

MySQL 存储 Emoji

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最近需要使用 SQLAlchemy 存弹幕的内容,但是遇到了存 emoji 的问题。

Deploying Hugo with CircleCI

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Building blog sites manually is tedious and often leads to mistakes, especially when hosting on master/docs


Setup Vim Airline (in Termux)

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