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`skipWaiting()` with `StaleWhileRevalidate` the right way

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If the resource request takes too much time to complete, self.skipWaiting() may not work properly.

Value of Open Source Software: A Personal View

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This essay presents my view of OSS: how it develops and grows, and how it benefits individuals and companies. It's a new way of developing software.


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Compiling Firefox Android by yourself to use more addons

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Yes, very simple and... violent. It's about compiling your own copy of Fenix.

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VSCode 与如何配置 VSCode

这是一篇(尽量)新手向的文章,以 VSCode, Python, JavaScript (Vue) 为例,介绍编辑器的功能和配置。


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How I compile and install Vim with +python3

It's known to all that compiling is hard. Just record it.

Gridsome is not that Ready for PWA

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How I am tring to build a nice gridsome-generated site with PWA support

虽然可以勉强并入“用 Vue 做 PWA”系列,但想着能让更多人看到,就还是用国际语言吧

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用 Vue 做 PWA (三):理解生命周期

虽然前两节的内容足以写出能用的 service worker,但是如果深入细节,仍然会有一些“匪夷所思”的现象发生。

Use pipenv and poetry in a way that works

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Strange as the title is, they just don't work conveniently "out of box"

手机端 GitHub Markdown 中文粗体显示的问题

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