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9 mistakes for Python programmers when learning JavaScript

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Although Python and JavaScript share a lot of similarities and are both learning from each other, there are still some important differences to notice.

异步 & 异步获取命令输出

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与 JavaScript 的异步对比,初步了解 Python 的异步,并通过异步获取命令输出“实战”

Vue 加 Hammer 处理手势

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接近原生 App 体验,手势是少不了的。但是无论是 Vue 还是 Vuetify 对手势的支持并不好,于是需要 Hammer.js 支持。

Introduce and Setup Tmux

Setup and introduce Tmux so that I can use it

Working with tmux and SSH

Useful tips when SSH in remote device which uses tmux

Tricks about Raspberry Pi

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Handy tricks when playing with raspberry pi. You should know them.

Damning GPG Key


Why GPG key keeps annoying me! 整天 Fail 有意思吗?

谜之 Hugo

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There is no summary for this post.

我为什么要选 Flask?

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注意,这里不是说 Flask 有多好,而是。。用 Flask 用到怀疑人生!

Change Win10 CMD Fonts


It took me quite a lot time to try to solve this...

Note: this answer only works in non-English regions

WTFs in C

为了备战变态的计算概论考试, 不得已要研究一下 C 的奇奇怪怪的东西

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